In the shadow of the Baobab tree one can find a place of history and folklore telling tales of South Africa’s past, present and future. A developing country filled with pride of our people who are at last united, we can celebrate the Baobab as an iconic figure- A marvelous representation of our passion for our country’s plentiful resources. As unique as this tree is, so are our wines that we bring to the Cape wine Club.

*Up to $49 every 2 months (not including shipping)

Baobab Cape Wine Club




The King Protea is the national flower of South Africa, the flagship plant and most extraordinary species of the Cape Floral Kingdom. A truly magnificent representation for a country rich in culture, diversity and pride. Like the South African emblem, the Protea stands for unique, interesting and coveted wines that we bring to you through the Cape Reserve Wine Club.

*Up to $169 for 4-6 Reserve bottles per quarter (not including shipping)

Protea Cape Reserve Wine Club




Vilafonté Members Club is a thriving community of passionate people who recognize a fine wine when they taste it. Launched in early 2013, the Members club provides access to the current releases of the Vilafonte Series C & Series M wines. Created by the legendary winemaker Zelma Long (Opus One), Mike Ratcliffe (Warwick Wines) and UC Davis Viticulturist, Dr. Phil Freese, these two luxury Bordeaux style blends are gaining top accolades from reputable wine critics.

Membership consists of two shipments annually.  Shipping is included and members will have access to older vintages scarcely available to the public.

Membership is generally by invitation or through referral. We do periodically add members and we request that you fill out a form to request membership.

**6 or 12 bottles twice annually. (Shipping is included)

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The Solms Delta Gemeenskap is a growing community of loyal and valued customers that they consider to be their best asset in the world! Featuring news and current happenings at Solms-Delta, as well as offering interesting and exciting specials, competitions, and opportunities not available to the general public, the Solms-Delta Gemeenskap is a great way to interact directly with you in a more personal manner. The best part is, that the Gemeenskap is totally free – There are no fees and no obligations, any one can sign up to be member!

Solms Delta Gemeenskap Community




The Warwick Wine Family is a community of people that love Warwick wines. The club was created to reward their friends and family and build on the loyal relationships that have been cultivated over the past few decades.  Members have a great time, get fantastic wine offers and gain access to specials releases and pre-release offerings.

*mixed case (12 bottles) twice annually

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